What to expect

Free over the phone consultation and waiver form
Before we begin You will be ask to sign a consent as well as a waiver form. You will also receive after care instructions.
We use only the highest quality medical studs
These studs are nickle free, do not cause allergy, 100% sterile with Swarovski crystals.

We offer a great selection of studs that you can choose from. Medical plastic earrings are great for babies and young children. We also offer medical-great titanium earring that do not cause allergies.

Numbing Cream
For your pain free experience we offer numbing cream. It has to be applied some time before piercing.
100% sterile piercing
Our ear piercing experience is 100% sterile. All our studs are placed in a special sterile cassettes and are only single use. No cross contamination is possible. The system we use is created for medical professionals.
After piercing
It is recommended to keep your studs in place for 6 to 8 weeks. Clean it properly on a daily basis to keep everything clean and infection free.